What is Peppa Pig Playdate?

Peppa Pig Playdate is an interactive walk-­through experience for the whole family with a variety of things to see and do. Some activities inside are led by Life Like Touring staff and others are free-­play activities led by a child’s own parents or caregivers. Parental or designated caregiver supervision of children is required at all times.


What characters from the TV series will be there?

The whole Peppa Pig family will be at the Peppa Pig Playdate event as full sized characters: Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig will be there with their friends Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog.


What activities are there at Peppa Pig Playdate?

There are many activities for families to enjoy at Peppa Pig Playdate!

• Visit Peppa’s House!

• Jump and bounce in Muddy Puddles!

• Watch a show on the Main Stage!

• Play a musical instrument in the Music Room!

• Visit Mr Fox’s shop!


Is there real mud?

No, Peppa Pig Playdate is a dry experience. The muddy puddles activity is an inflatable jumping activity, it does not involve real mud.


What time does Peppa Pig Playdate open?

When you purchase your ticket you will book an entry time for a session that starts on the half-hour. The event opens at 9:00am, and entries at 9:00am and 9:30am are ‘Priority’ entry times as there will be fewer people and shorter queues inside the event.


When should we arrive for our session time?

To make the best use of your allocated time inside Peppa Pig Playdate please arrive 15mins earlier than the time on your ticket. This will help us process your ticket and maximise the time you have to spend enjoying yourselves inside.


What happens when we arrive?

When you arrive your tickets will be checked and then you will then be able to explore the event! Kiosks will be located inside the event to electronically queue for some of the activities.


What's the Priority entry ticket?

The event opens at 9:00am, and entries between 9:00am and 9:30am are ‘Priority’ entry times as there will be fewer people and shorter queues in the event.


How long does the experience last?

Peppa Pig Playdate is a timed and ticketed event, in line with many travelling shows. Guests will be free to roam the experience and enjoy activities for up to ninety minutes. Due to the maximum capacity of the event we are unfortunately not able to facilitate full day passes. We appreciate this may not be suitable for all guests but we have attempted to create an event that gives all patrons a comfortable and safe experience.


How long will my child get to spend with Peppa?

The individual Playdate experience inside the event will last approximately 2-3 minutes. Please understand time with Peppa is limited but Peppa’s friends and family are roaming the experience throughout your visit.


Can I take my own photos at Peppa Pig Playdate?

Absolutely! We recommend you have your phone or camera fully charged before arriving at Peppa Pig Playdate to capture your child’s joy inside this interactive experience! You can photograph and video all you like – just be respectful of others so that your camera isn’t blocking anyone else’s view, particularly that of children.

Taking your own photos is really the best way to remember this experience. Feel free to also share with us your experience on social media through our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. The hashtag for this event is #PeppaPigPlaydate


What if I’m running early or late?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to contact us if you’re running early or late for your entry time. Please come along and you’ll be able to enter the event, however if you arrive outside of your allocated timeslot you might have to wait until a suitably populated session becomes available.


Can prams and pushers enter the Playdate area?

Yes, there is plenty of space within the event to accommodate prams.


Is Peppa Pig Playdate wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all Australian venues for this event are wheelchair accessible.


Can I drop off my child and pick them up later?

No, all children must be supervised by a parent or recognised caregiver at all times. Children will not be admitted without a suitable accompanying adult ticket holder


What age group is this experience for?

Pre-school and primary school children who are Peppa Pig fans and all Peppa Pig fans young and old.


At what age do I need a ticket for my child?

All children over the age of 12 months need a ticket. All adults will also need a ticket and these are sold at the same price as children’s tickets.


Do adults need to purchase tickets?

Yes, every person entering Peppa Pig Playdate will require a ticket, with the exception of children under 12 months of age.


Where can I buy tickets? is the official website or via Ticketek.


Will there be merchandise for sale at the event?

Yes, Mr Fox. has a shop where Peppa Pig merchandise items can be bought. There will be cash and credit card payment facilities.

I have an issue with some merchandise I purchased at the event, can you help?

We want you to be happy with your merchandise purchase. Please contact us and we’ll help resolve any problem that you may have.


I have purchased the wrong tickets. Can I change them?

Sure. Please contact us and we’ll help you get hold of the tickets you need.


Can I use my tickets multiple times?

No, each ticket is valid for a single entry only. We’d love you to come back and visit again, however you will be required to purchase additional tickets.


Are tickets available for purchase at the door?

Yes, tickets are available for purchase at the door. However to avoid disappointment we recommend you check our Facebook page and Ticketek’s website for updates prior to arrival, as many sessions are selling out.


Should my child wear shoes and socks for hygienic reasons?

There are a number of fun activities and rides inside Peppa Pig Playdate, including an inflatable attraction. It is recommended that children wear socks (or have socks available to wear) so if they choose to play on the inflatable it remains hygienic for all. The experience is filled with opportunities for active play, so thongs and sandals are not recommended.



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